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We are on the mission here. And our mission is to inspire you to travel and discover Sri Lanka. Since 2015 we have been helping globe trackers create a perfect travel to Sri Lanka itinerary. Before you start your journey, you want to be well prepared. On this site you will find a lot of great travel tips about Sri Lanka, such as the country’s currency, languages spoken, best things to see and do, how to save on accommodation and more.

This astonishing, raindrop-shaped country in the Indian Ocean will win you over with its fascinating culture, delicious food, beautiful seashores, mountains covered in lush rainforests and much more. However, it is hard to pack all that Sri Lanka has to offer in a few written lines. You’ll simply have to visit and explore it yourself.

From ancient temples to colonial architecture, from mountains to the sea, from wild rainforests to beautifully maintained gardens, Sri Lanka is a wonderful blend of the opposites harmonized in a perfect balance.

On this site you will find:

  • Tips about affordable accommodation.
  • Detailed description of Sri Lanka’s diverse landscape.
  • Information about significant historic monuments.
  • Insight into authentic places in Sri Lanka.
  • Tips and info on popular Sri Lankan food.

Unlike another travel websites, we don’t charge any travel trip fees. Also, you won’t find paid content here. We are here to provide accurate and up-to-date information to travelers, with the only aim to make their Sri Lanka experience stress-free and unforgettable.

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Quick Facts
  • Former name of the country was Ceylon, named Ceilão by the Portuguese who arrived to the island in 1505. Later, when Ceilão became a British Crown Colony, the name was translated into English as Ceylon. In 1948 the country achieved its independence but the name was finally changed into Sri Lanka in 1972.
  • Sinhalese people make the majority of the population and they speak Sinhala language. Tamil speaks Minority Tamil and Muslim groups speak Tamil language. English is frequently used in the main tourist parts of the country and big cities.
  • Sri Lanka’s currency is rupee.