Sri Lanka’s Well-Kept Secrets: Authentic Places & Food

Long time ago, Marco Polo described Sri Lanka as the most beautiful Island in the world. And he was totally right. A list of the things-to-see-and-do in Sri Lanka is nearly endless. From spiritual temples, colonial architecture, jungle safaris to astonishing gardens, marvelous sandy beaches and delightful cuisine, this exotic country is finding its place […]

Interesting Places

Sri Lanka offers a variety of locations to visit. The diverse geography with nature-made monuments has the unique flair of newness and modesty.  History of Sri Lanka dates back to more than 3000 years when man tamed rocks (that’s why Sigiriya is one of the most interesting places to visit on the island). The places […]

History of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is the land of wonders. Sri Lanka has hosted historical events that changed the history of two biggest religions, i.e. Hinduism and Buddhism and socio-political history of South Asia and South East Asia. In only 65,610 square kilometer area, geography of Sri Lanka is both diverse and rich. The country is mainly divided […]

Mountains in Sri Lanka

Mountains in Sri

Mountains in Sri Lanka If we say Sri Lanka is a large hill station in Indian Ocean with beautiful beaches as an addition, it would not be altogether wrong. If you look at the topography of the tear-shaped island, the heart of the land is captured by mountains and hills with unmatchable scenery and biodiversity. […]

Lakes in Sri Lanka

Lakes in Sri Lanka Sri Lanka has beautiful natural and man-made lakes. Rivers and lakes stem from the central highlands. Natural lakes are located around the highlands whereas the man-made lakes serve as a water reservoir in the dry months for both humans and wildlife. Sri Lankan lakes are almost all man-made. Most of the […]



Sinharaja is one of the most protected places in Sri Lanka, and it is known worldwide, to be teeming with a massive variety of near extinct and endangered animals and plants alike. With a biodiversity like no other, this is the home to many rainforest animals and birds. Many facts about animals in the rainforest […]

Pigeon Island


Unlike other jungles situated around the country, Pigeon Island National Park is a marine national park. Most of the wild life here contains of different species of fishes, corals and other marine birds. Just like the name, Pigeon Island is a breeding ground for rock pigeons. Facts about animals that live in the Islands can be […]