Mountains in Sri Lanka

Mountains in Sri

Mountains in Sri Lanka

If we say Sri Lanka is a large hill station in Indian Ocean with beautiful beaches as an addition, it would not be altogether wrong. If you look at the topography of the tear-shaped island, the heart of the land is captured by mountains and hills with unmatchable scenery and biodiversity.

Sri Lanka is distributed between beautiful beaches and the rocky mountains. All the rainforests are in the mountains. The mountains that host rainforest and their amazing wildlife are undoubtedly the best part of the country. Mountains around these are small hills and highland mountains that add to plateau scenery with greenery and lakes. Unlike most plateaus, Sri Lanka has lush green plateau areas with national parks and tea gardens producing one of the world’s best tea.

If we talk about mountain ranges, the country has three major mountain ranges.

  • Pidurutalagala mountain range
  • Seven Maidens mountain range
  • Knuckles mountain range

Pidurutalagala Mountain

Pidurutalagala-www.srilankatravelmagazine.comPidurutalagala Mountain Range is home to the flora and fauna of the country. Located in Southwestern area, this mountain range has dense rainforests and best suited for ecotourism. The highest mountain of Sri Lanka, Pidurutalagala Mountain is located in this mountain range. Pidurutalagala Mountain is 2524 meters high.

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Seven Maidens mountain

Seven Maidens

Seven Maidens mountain range is located in Nuwara Eliya district. The highest peak in the range is Ballapennagala peak at 1.276 meters. Adam’s Peak Mountain, high as 2243 meters, is also located in this mountain range. This mountain range predominantly consists of rocky mountains.



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Knuckles Mountain range

Knuckles Mountain range consists of only five mountains in the Central Province. As the name suggests, the mountain range looks like knuckles at first sight. The highest peak is 1863 meters high. World’s End gives amazing view. The tour is cheap and you can visit all five peaks in one single day.


This is just a very short introduction to slopes and heights of the hills of Sri Lanka. When you plan visit to Sri Lanka, make sure to keep Hantana Mountain, Ritigala Mountain, Mihinthale Mountain, Batalegala Mountain, Namunukula Mountain and Hunnasgiriya Mountain in your rocky mountain map tour.

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