Bundala National Park is a very important place for the migratory birds of Sri Lanka. Named as a biosphere reserve by UNESCO, this is the home to many rare animals. the National Park is most famous for its birds, where you can find more than a 100 different species. Other than birds, other amazing animals […]

Horton Plains


The jungles of Horton Plains can be located in the hill country of Sri Lanka unlike most of the other jungles. Even though it does not have a large variety of mammals residing in it, this is famous for the many endemic birds, butterflies, and other reptiles that can be found there. If a traveler […]



Sri Lanka is famous for the number of elephants that reside in the country. Wasgamuwa National Park is one of the places where a traveler will be able to see many elephants and other endemic animals as well. The name Wasgamuwa can loosely be translated to mean a meeting point of bears, and indeed, these […]



Wilpattu National Park is one of the biggest jungles in Sri Lanka. Wilpattu is the home to many species of animals and among them are animals in danger of extinction like elephants, leopards, and sloth bears. There are people who will give travelers safaris to go on a jungle tour, but a traveler can see […]



Located near the south eastern coast of Sri Lanka, Yala National Park is one of the most visited national parks in the country. this is not a rainforest, and there are many jungle tours available which a traveler can go on. this National Park is the home to many animals and birds, especially elephants and leopards. Facts […]

Minneriya Tank


Like many of the lakes in Sri Lanka, Minneriya Tank also has a very important history attached to it. Minneriya Tank is another one of the tanks that contributed to the ancient irrigation network in the Anuradhapura Era. Minneriya Tank was built by King Mahasen and the enormous lake spans for more than 4000 acres. […]

Sembuwatta Lake


Sembuwatta Lake is an artificial lake that is filled with natural spring water which can be found in the Matale district. This clear lake is said to be located on the western side of the Knuckles Mountain Range. Sembuwatta Lake currently belongs to a plantation that is situated nearby, but, according to the villagers, it […]

Basawakkulama Wewa


Located in Anuradhapura, this tank is known as the first irrigational tank that was built in ancient Sri Lanka. Records say that it was Prince Anuradha who built this tank first. Prince Anuradha ruled Anuradhapura, giving his name as a namesake for the city. Later King Pandukabhaya enlarged the clear lake further and named it […]

Tissa Wewa


Tissa Wewa is located in Anuradhapura and is considered to be one the oldest artificially constructed tanks in Sri Lanka. This clear lake was built by King Devanampiya Tissa in the Anuradhapura Era to supply water to the people of this area, which was the capitol at that time. Spanning for 550 acres, This lake […]

Kala Wewa


Kala Waewa is one of the biggest lakes in Sri Lanka. Built in the Anuradhapura Era during the reign of King Dhathusena, Kala Wewa has many legends that are attached to it. this lake went under many restorations as the ages passed, but the clear lake is still used as a source of water for […]