The ruins of Panduwasnuwara are not as majestic as Anuradhapura, but this ancient place is known to be older than Anuradhapura itself. People of Sri Lanka believe that descendants of King Vijaya, who was the ancestor of Sinhalese people, ruled here and travelers can still see ruins of past civilizations at this ancient historical place. Panduwasnuwara Excavators have managed to unearth a Temple which had been built for the tooth relic. Even though this sacred location is one of the most important places here, the spotlight is taken away by the round palace in the moat. There are many interesting legends about this palace including a prophecy about a child of a princess who will kill all his uncles and become king of the nation. This child was later known as King Pandukabhaya, one of the greatest kings that history of ancient Sri Lanka has seen.

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