The ruins of Panduwasnuwara are not as majestic as Anuradhapura, but this ancient place is known to be older than Anuradhapura itself. People of Sri Lanka believe that descendants of King Vijaya, who was the ancestor of Sinhalese people, ruled here and travelers can still see ruins of past civilizations at this ancient historical place. […]


Mihintale is a very sacred location to all Buddhists in Sri Lanka, as history depicts it to be the site where King Devanampiyatissa and the Buddhist monk Mahinda first met. This meeting became the main reason for ancient Sri Lanka to embrace Buddhism as its main religion. Mihintale was not always a religious site, but […]


Much like Sigiriya, Yapahuwa was also a citadel of the history of ancient Sri Lanka. Yapahuwa was once home to the sacred tooth relic, making this ancient place a religious location. again much like Sigirya, was built around a rock, which rose about a 100 meters from the ground. The staircase to the top of […]


Present home to the Temple of the Tooth Relic, one of the most sacred locations in Sri Lanka, this area is also marks the last capital of Sri Lanka when Sri Lanka was governed by kings. this centralized location has many ancient places that exhibit the art and culture of the past civilizations of Sri […]


Considering all the ancient historical places in Sri Lanka; Polonnaruwa is also one the famous landscapes in the world. Polonnaruwa is the home to many religious locations and mysterious sites. The technology and techniques that were used by the past civilizations of Sri Lanka was one of the most advanced technologies used in the ancient […]


2000 years’ worth of history of ancient times is an immense pride for Sri Lanka. This is one of the major reasons that this small island will always have something that can surprise tourists and travelers. Anuradhapura is one the most ancient places in Sri Lanka and is known to be the home of many […]


Jaffna is filled with many mysterious ancient places for a traveler to see, and has a flourishing history that is older than the recorded history of ancient Sri Lanka. this area is home to Nagadeepa, a place where Buddhists believe that Lord Buddha visited in his second visit to Sri Lanka. Nagadheepa is a very […]


Matale is the home to the ancient place Aluvihara Temple. Aluvihara Temple holds an important place in the history of ancient Sri Lanka, as this was the place where all Pali Canon was first written down in the history of the ancient world. This was done in the Anuradhapura era, and ever since then, this […]