Sri Lanka shores and beaches

Sri Lanka has beautiful, unspoiled and full of marine life seas. The island is situated in the Indian Ocean but it has shores and beaches in Gulf of Mannar and Palk Strait.

Sri Lankan seas have rich collection of sea animals and wildlife marine. In the list of long sea creatures found in the Sri Lankan waters, sea turtles are perhaps one of the most looked for. The island’s beaches in the southwestern province are sea turtle habitat where this endangered animal comes for nesting and for their baby sea turtles. Sea turtles facts can be found here. Sri Lankan beaches are natural green sea turtle habitat. According to available information about sea turtles, this animal likes tropical sea temperature. The list of sea creatures in Sri Lanka is incomplete without sea turtles facts.

With temperate climate over the year, Sri Lanka has unlimited sea salt resources till the Indian Ocean survives. The dead sea-like amount of salt in Sri Lanka is an export item for the island nation. Sea water is filled with unique and never-seen-before sea shells that come to beach with pleasant sea waves. Sea shells are also exported and sold in black market.

In deep sea, sea creature list is much more diverse. There are many varieties of sea lions, sea horses, sea snakes and endangered dolphins. To preserve this diverse maritime biology, government has set up a maritime conservation department.   MEPA keeps a closer eye on sea pollution level and makes sure that the list of sea animals is not reduced.

All these charms of the island seas make the country a great destination for tourists. South Seas have the richest sea shore, sea beach and make the area a paradise by the sea. Sri Lanka’s deep seas have amazing deep sea fishing opportunities. Rich sea food, sea minerals and sea weed come from Sri Lanka deep sea.

For sea travel, Sri Lanka is one destination where you can enjoy almost all wonders of seven seas. Villas by the sea all around the island offer great sea view. Moreover, navigation in Sri Lankan waters is so easy that you do not need sea maps. The sea breeze experience and deep sea diving are paralleled by none. Here is a link to repository of sea photos and sea images.

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